Salome more or less runs her ailing father’s painting studio, and strongly expects that he will hand her down the secret recipe of his famous blue color. But in the early XVIth century, it’s not really customary for a girl to have such a status…

Some VFX were required for the film. The main part was color replacement in order to make the blue color more prominent, both in paintings and pigments, but also some masking of unwanted elements and image stabilization.

Custom-made font

The font created for the title sequence is based on the StMarie Thin typeface, chosen for its smooth curves and sharp serifs. It was hand-drawn to give a sketchy and unfinished feeling, like the several painting in progress shocased in the film.


We needed a poster that reflected what the film was : a period drama shot in a very contemporary way, far from the clichés often expected from genre movies. It is a story about struggles, society boundaries and what you can make to change them.