Anatole, 70, is still fully in love with his wife. The laugh together, make love or get in arguments like they always did. But one morning, something’s amiss : Anatole forgot something. He desperately try to remember, but only details come up : an old debt, knickers and some flowers name…

Title sequence

The title sequence had to have a 60’s feeling, were the memories of the protagonist are set. The color yellow was an obvious call, as the whole film is filled with elements of that color, giving a warm atmosphere along with the color grading.


I conceived the poster as a clin d’oeil to the movies of Jacques Tati, putting forward a protagonist somehow out of sync with its environnement. Anatole is shown as a yellow silhouette, like he doesn’t really belong there, as he’s unsuccessfully reenacting past events in his head without being able to find what he’s looking for in his fading memories.

  • Opening credits
  • End credits
  • Film poster
  • DVD case


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